Body Contouring

Massage on the body using a vacuum/suction system and two motorized rollers that knead the skin.  The rolling movement on the skin folds and unfolds the skin, breaking fibrosis, stimulating the blood circulation in blood vessels, promoting lymphatic drainage.  This skin exercise restores the connective tissue, facilitates the elimination of toxins, triggers the natural process of fat mass elimination, reduces inches and strengthens the skin. There is an improvement in cellulite, skin tonicity and body shape.  In pre-op, it is recommended to strengthen blood and lymph vessels, improve the structure of elastic fibers, decompresses the fat layer and unblock possible congestions in the lymph circulation.  In post-op, the goal is to drain swollen tissue, providing the elimination of debris and improving circulation.  It smooths the tissue being healed under the skin, reducing any adherence of the subcutaneous tissue and preventing dimpling and nodules in the surgical area.  It can be associated with ultrasound, body lift, among others. Single session $129.00