Organic Spray Tanning

Sunless tanning, also known as airbrush tanning or spray tanning, is an application of a specially formulated solution that is misted over the entire body. The solution is made with the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA), it is organically derived from the sugar cane and sugar beets which reacts with the outermost layer of the skin to cause a tanning effect. There are other ingredients that we use such as, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract that is a moisturizing base which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.  Vitamin A, which improves collagen density, skin elasticity, tone, texture, lines and wrinkles and smooths the skins surface. Vitamin C, that protects from oxidant damages, skin-lightening, anti-inflammatory effects and improves elasticity. Vitamin E, that protects from oxidant damages, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-aging effects. Single session $45.00